Wednesday, July 18, 2012

YAHOO Ceo is having a baby...and plans to work while on maternity leave...Possible?

So the new CEO of Yahoo is pregnant...and going on maternity leave. And this has ignited a heated discussion between both men and women...but mainly women. Here's my take. I want to hear from her husband!!! As the Mother of a 1 year old who went on my own maternity leave last year, I can tell you that a supportive spouse and family is the key to only taking a "few weeks off" and working thru her maternity leave. People are fired up and making these statements: "She has no idea what's she's in for! Take a few weeks and keep on working? She is crazy! Once she sees her baby and fatigue sets in, she will realize its not that easy!" First, let me say, I agree with these statements. But I also want to hear from her husband. How will he support her? Will HE take a few weeks off? What about her parents and in-laws? My Mother was a HUGE support and help to me. My husband also took time off and we shared all duties. We found an incredible Daycare that we love and works with our schedule. One woman cannot do it alone. But the other important part of this discussion is this: She willingly became CEO of Yahoo. She is the boss. And if she gets pregnant, she is still the CEO of Yahoo. Million of people are counting on her. The company will not shut its doors just because she is on maternity leave. This is what working women have to face all the time - You want a big career? Be willing to sacrifice and gather your support. Deborah Norville, the Anchor of Inside Edition, told me she only took 2 weeks maternity leave when she had her 3rd child. TWO WEEKS! Why? Because she is the Face of our show, and she felt the responsibility to return. She knew hundreds of employees counted on her. She was both a Mom, and a working professional. It's the life she chose and she understand what comes with this life. Women, I really believe this: We can DO IT ALL but we can't HAVE IT ALL. It will be interesting to see our Marissa Mayer handles her job and baby. I have a feeling this is a very smart woman who will make good choices. I hope she is being advised by other people who know what she is about to encounter - I'm sure she is. She did not make it this far without a good head on her shoulders. Good luck to her - and I hope to hear from her husband, soon! : ) This is the modern woman - and she can do it. So that's my take - what do you all think??? - Megan : )

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