Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Megan on the cover of "Graceful Chic" magazine

Do you love fashion but sometimes think the styles are just a bit too risque? Or you love keeping up with the latest trends but think the articles and interviews lack substance? Look no further! Introducing the new family-friendly Fashion magazine "Graceful Chic"! I was honored to be the cover model for their Fall/Winter issue. Go to "Graceful Chic - WHERE INNER BEAUTY MEETS STYLE" You can be fashionable and conservative! ; )

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Believe in Miracles! - Pageantry 2012

I had the great honor of writing this article for Pageantry Magazine. I hope you will be inspired! Its the story of Jamie Hilton - a beautiful Mrs. Idaho who overcame a horrific accident.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Alice + Olivia Show - New York Fashion Week!

New York Fashion Week!!! I live near Lincoln Center, where Fashion Week is mainly located, so I see the action up close. The publicists scrambling to organize their guest lists, the crazy hair/wild make-up on models taking a quick smoke break before they walk the runway, and the stage hands hurridly changing sets from one show to the next. I was lucky to score a ticket to the Alice + Olivia Fashion Show by Stacey Bendet last night. Instead of the typical runway show, this was a "presentation", which are becoming more and more popular nowdays. At a presentation, the models pose on small stages around a large room. People mingle and are able to walk up close to the models and take pictures of their outfits, all while sipping on cocktails and nibbling on treats. Stacey herself worked the room, chatting with celebrities and guests and modeling one of her own looks. I left inspired for fall fashion, and was handed a delightful goodie bag at the door. Celebrity spottings at the presentation were Lauren Conrad, Abigail Breslin and Holland Roden. Even better was the crowd - young, chic and full of energy!

Monday, September 10, 2012

a week at the DNC in Charlotte

I just returned from covering the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte - I am so tired! It was a very interesting assignment. For a full week, I interviewed proud delegates, anxious politicians and eager journalists. It was definetly a shining example of our democracy in action. But this question has been swirling around this year's election season...Do conventions still matter? In a world of 24/7 news, labtops, ipads and social we still need to spend such $ on the convention? After covering the DNC, I think the conventions should not be done away with, but definetly paired down, especially in light of our national debt! What do you think? So of my highlights from the week: Interviewing Caroline Kennedy, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, Obama Election Co-Chair Eva Longoria, Tennessee delegate Ashley Judd, former Sec. of State Madeline Albright, and CBS's Bob Scheiffer. It was pretty amazing to be on the floor of the DNC when President Obama gave his speech - the energy in the room was amazing! What was your favorite part of the conventions? I'd love to hear!
- Megan

Friday, August 17, 2012

The City Boutique

Nothing like walking around in a big city, and window shopping. You stumble upon a cute, small and unique boutique. I did just this today on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Teddy's has beautiful and delicate jewelry, cute little dresses, brightly colored shirts and scarfs. A diamond in the rough! I love these hidden finds! If ever in NYC, find Teddy's on 70th and Columbus. That's my hidden gem today - what's yours?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Treat Yourself!

Everyone needs a little treat! I had a travel-packed summer, and just ended a multi-city tour for work. After unpacking my suitcase for the last time... (for hopefully a few weeks ; ), and decided it was time for a little pampering. I called my favorite spa and booked a deep-tissue massage. My favorite spot is called Exhale Spa in Midtown. It did not come by recommendation, and I never saw it advertised. I merely stumbled upon it one day, and walked right in! (Sometimes those are the best spots : ) The massage was relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing! I left feeling relaxed and very peaceful. What's your treat for yourself? A glass of wine? A scoop of ice cream? A pedicure? or a Massage? Whatever it is, make sure you do it a little more than you think you deserve. And if you are ever in NYC, try and book a treatment. Now go ahead - TREAT YOURSELF! : ) - Megan

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

YAHOO Ceo is having a baby...and plans to work while on maternity leave...Possible?

So the new CEO of Yahoo is pregnant...and going on maternity leave. And this has ignited a heated discussion between both men and women...but mainly women. Here's my take. I want to hear from her husband!!! As the Mother of a 1 year old who went on my own maternity leave last year, I can tell you that a supportive spouse and family is the key to only taking a "few weeks off" and working thru her maternity leave. People are fired up and making these statements: "She has no idea what's she's in for! Take a few weeks and keep on working? She is crazy! Once she sees her baby and fatigue sets in, she will realize its not that easy!" First, let me say, I agree with these statements. But I also want to hear from her husband. How will he support her? Will HE take a few weeks off? What about her parents and in-laws? My Mother was a HUGE support and help to me. My husband also took time off and we shared all duties. We found an incredible Daycare that we love and works with our schedule. One woman cannot do it alone. But the other important part of this discussion is this: She willingly became CEO of Yahoo. She is the boss. And if she gets pregnant, she is still the CEO of Yahoo. Million of people are counting on her. The company will not shut its doors just because she is on maternity leave. This is what working women have to face all the time - You want a big career? Be willing to sacrifice and gather your support. Deborah Norville, the Anchor of Inside Edition, told me she only took 2 weeks maternity leave when she had her 3rd child. TWO WEEKS! Why? Because she is the Face of our show, and she felt the responsibility to return. She knew hundreds of employees counted on her. She was both a Mom, and a working professional. It's the life she chose and she understand what comes with this life. Women, I really believe this: We can DO IT ALL but we can't HAVE IT ALL. It will be interesting to see our Marissa Mayer handles her job and baby. I have a feeling this is a very smart woman who will make good choices. I hope she is being advised by other people who know what she is about to encounter - I'm sure she is. She did not make it this far without a good head on her shoulders. Good luck to her - and I hope to hear from her husband, soon! : ) This is the modern woman - and she can do it. So that's my take - what do you all think??? - Megan : )

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Morning Face" - here is mine! What's yours?

I love doing stories like this! There is WAY too much pressure on young ladies today to look perfect. Photos are airbrushed, and we think celebrities wake-up looking perfect! But as we know, NOT SO. So the Inside Edition staff stumbled onto a neat project by former JANE Magazine Editor Jane Pratt - The concept? Show your "Morning Face" - exactly how you look when you wake-up! and be honest! So... I invited my film crew over to my house and let them "wake me up"! Here's the pic. Tell me what you think? This also reminds me of a neat project my friend Amanda Moreno is doing called the "True Beauty Movement" - check it out. And watch the story tomorrow night on Inside Edition! Thanks Y'all! and please - SHOW me your Morning Face pics! twitter: @meganalexander1 - Megan