Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Morning Face" - here is mine! What's yours?

I love doing stories like this! There is WAY too much pressure on young ladies today to look perfect. Photos are airbrushed, and we think celebrities wake-up looking perfect! But as we know, NOT SO. So the Inside Edition staff stumbled onto a neat project by former JANE Magazine Editor Jane Pratt -http://www.xojane.com/janes-stuff/gallery/morning-faces-gallery-xojane. The concept? Show your "Morning Face" - exactly how you look when you wake-up! and be honest! So... I invited my film crew over to my house and let them "wake me up"! Here's the pic. Tell me what you think? This also reminds me of a neat project my friend Amanda Moreno is doing called the "True Beauty Movement" - check it out. And watch the story tomorrow night on Inside Edition! Thanks Y'all! and please - SHOW me your Morning Face pics! twitter: @meganalexander1 - Megan

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