Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss CA USA chats about her infamous answer...

Miss CA USA. Carrie Prejean, stopped by our studios yesterday to talk about her answer to her top 5 question at this Miss USA pageant, of whether she believes states should allow same-sex marriage. In this photo I am welcoming her into our interview room. Her answer and Judge Perez Hilton's, (the celebrity judge who asked the q), his angry response has caused a media firestorm. Miss CA said if she had to do it all over again, she would not change her answer; she believes marriage is between a man and woman. She said she had to be true to herself and her biblical beliefs. For a behind the scenes note, I had a fun moment in the make-up room with her before the cameras started rolling... as we were getting ready, she went to wash her hands in our sink, the water sprayed up and hit her in the face and got all over her jacket! We burst out laughing! - it was a much needed silly moment amidst this intense media scrutiny on her. As you can see in the interview, she looked flawless... the water did no damage! Go to for full interview.

Friday, April 17, 2009

10 years later...remembering Columbine.

I traveled to Columbine High School in Littleton, CO, to cover the 10th anniversary of the Columbine tragedy. This photo is of my interview with Patrick Ireland. He was shot 3 times at Columbine, and is most famously known as the the boy who climbed out the window. Patrick told me it took him 3 hours to make it from the floor of the library to the window, he was so badly injured. He graduated first in his class at Columbine, graduated college, married his lovely wife Casey and has a successful career in finance. He speaks across the country about his story, and his desire to turn that horrible day into something positive. He told me in our interview "You can chose to be a victim or a victor in life. I am a victor." What a blessing to talk to this amazing young man. Story is Monday, April 20th on Inside Edition.

Monday, April 13, 2009

She's a real-life mermaid and world record holder!

I got a chance to sit down with Sara Campbell, who just made the incredible 314 feet dive straight down into Bahama waters...breaking the world record!

This 37 year old only took up diving a few years ago...and she held her breath for this amazing dive for 3 minutes, 34 seconds underwater! Sara wears a monofin, a single fin that both feet slip into, hence the mermaid effect. She stopped by the Inside Edition studios to chat about her amazing feat. What a neat lady! Needless to say, I felt very pale next to this tanned beauty. Sara said the majority of the dive is have to believe you can do it. She says she feels this way about most things in life - believe it, and you will achieve it. What great advice. The story airs Monday and Tuesday, April 14th and 15th, on Inside Edition.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Taylor Swift and Meg talk red dresses!

Here I am with Album of the Year winner Taylor Swift at the 44th annual ACM awards in Las Vegas. Can you believe she is only 18??? This is the first time she has worn red to an event! Looks pretty good! She had only her i-phone in her make-up, nothing in there! I found her to be cute and calm. I think she is really enjoying her career right now and just keeping it low-key. Since she has a song on Miley Cyrus's Hannah Montana movie, I asked her if she would ever consider doing films? She laughed and said she has too much going on right now...very true! : )
By the way, I am wearing gold Jewelery courtesy of J Green Jewelers in San Antonio, TX. More later!

Hello friends!

I just returned from Las Vegas at the 44th annual Academy of Country Music Awards at the fabulous MGM Grand! Now, I usually prefer traveling to Nashville for country music events, but I must say the MGM was very organized and the night went off without a hitch! here is a picture of me on the red carpet, with country cutie Luke Bryan behind me. I will upload my photos soon. My favorite highlights were interviewing the lovebirds Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, the high energy Little Big Town, the very sweet Taylor Swift, the funny Chuck Wicks and James Otto, the super smart Martina McBride and the passionate Trace Adkins and John Rich. You know what I love about Country Music? All the stars enjoy one another and say hello while they are doing their interviews on the red carpet. They have fun! They laugh! They keep it real. It is one of my favorite events to cover...being that I worked in the industry for a few years when I loved in Nashville....( remember that Josh Turner video? : ) More photos to come...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beauty Queen on a Budget

I recently traveled to Seattle, WA ( my hometown! ) to interview the current Miss WA USA , Tara Turnure. Tara has put her business marketing degree from NorthEastern to work in a very practical way. In these tough economic times, this beautiful young lady is being resourceful and savvy as she prepares for the MISS USA pageant. She has found numerous local businesses to sponsor her and cut her costs significantly! From hair and make-up to personal training, tanning and clothes, she has covered it all. By persistently calling people and asking for their help, Tara is receiving incredible discounts and sponsorships. Its a great reminder to everyone that with a little creativity and determination, things can happen! Most importantly, Tara has proved you don't need a lot of money to prepare for Miss USA. She shops at Forever 21 just like the rest of us. It was a pleasure to interview her and her Mom, Terry. I wish her the very best at Miss USA - April 19th in Las Vegas. The story will air TUESDAY, April 7th on INSIDE EDITION.

here's hoping you take some encouragement from this story today! : )
~ Megan