Monday, May 18, 2009

Former GIANT now a TV star! Meg and Michael Strahan

We know him as a New York Giants football star! Also a sportscaster for Fox NFL Sunday! Michael Strahan was one heck of a football player...and now he's coming to a television set near you! I just left the W Hotel in NYC where all the new FOX shows are being unveiled. I interviewed Michael about his new sitcom "Brothers". Michael plays "Mike", a good-looking wealthy and recently retired NFL player living the high life in NYC...( sound familiar? ) then he gets a phone call from his family in Houston. The family is falling apart and Michael heads to Texas to help out. Its a feel-good, funny show about how important family is, and how unimportant fame and money are! "Brothers" kicks off Fridays at 8pm this Fall on Fox. The cast includes Darryl "Chill" Mitchell, Carl Weathers, CCH Pounder, and Colton Dunn. Michael is such a nice guy!!! - loved his peach shirt! : )

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