Wednesday, May 27, 2009


If you loved the TV Show "Dharma and Greg" and fell into depression when it went off the air...never fear! Jenna Elfman is back! I interviewed the actress last week during the CBS Upfronts - this is when CBS reveals all its new shows for Fall 2009! She is starring in the comedy "Accidentally on Purpose" a show about a career woman who becomes pregnant with a much younger man's baby, and still pines for her Older Boss. Fun Fact: Did you know Jenna's Dad wrote the theme song for the Simpsons? yup! Jenna Elfman was as nice as can be, and I really appreciate that she is tall - I love not having to take my high heels off! : ) Catch Jenna if the fall on CBS. For the full interview go to and click on Videos, then click on Blog. - Megan Alexander

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