Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fighting Poverty in South Africa -

My dear friends Jedd and Janelle Schroy are making a difference in South Africa. Please check out their website and see how you can help. Here is an a bit of what they do:

Paradigm Shift trains local churches and ministries to become the catalysts of change and transformation by combining the message of the Gospel with meeting practical needs. We currently focus our work in South Africa; equipping local churches to provide business and entrepreneurship training, small repayable loans (micro-finance) to expand viable microbusinesses one on one mentoring and spiritual discipleship.

Janelle and I were college roommates and I miss seeing this girl more often, but know she is doing wonderful things across the world...And they need financial support. Check out their website and see if you can help. God Bless you Jedd and Janelle!

- Megan

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