Thursday, June 25, 2009

Megan supports Gen Art in NYC

Megan recently attended the Gen Art June 2009 Benefit—the New York–based art, film, music and fashion nonprofit organization—has enlisted several of its famous alumni, as well as other designers and actors, to help host a fund-raiser on June 24 in New York to raise money for the organization, which is challenged with recouping lost corporate funding for its events. It was really neat to see such a good turn out...congrats to my friend Sara Vicendese, who sits on their committee, for a job well done! Oh and by the way...Whitney Port from "The city" was there, and so were the cameras, filming her walking around and be seen on an upcoming episode of the MTV reality show... I think my purple jacket made a shot... : )


  1. Hey Megan!! Its so knew me at Kings as Shannon Gwinn, and you were Shrader!! I'm now Shannon Devins though. I was watching TV one day and thought I seen your face, and was like WHAT?! You are a total ROCK STAR and its amazing!! Congrats girl, I am soooo proud of all your success. You look amazing and its just so incredible all you have accomplished.
    If you get this send me an email at Hope to hear from you sometime since you must be so busy

  2. Hey Megan! At Kings, you knew me as Shannon Gwinn and I knew you by a different last name than Alexander that began with an "S" that I won't say publically if its not cool. Anyhow, I saw your face on TV and did a double take but didnt know if it was you or not till now. I am so proud of all your success and all you have done with the amazing abilities God gave you. You are a total ROCK STAR girl and its fabulous!! I hope you get this and can send me an email if I give you my email