Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss CA USA chats about her infamous answer...

Miss CA USA. Carrie Prejean, stopped by our studios yesterday to talk about her answer to her top 5 question at this Miss USA pageant, of whether she believes states should allow same-sex marriage. In this photo I am welcoming her into our interview room. Her answer and Judge Perez Hilton's, (the celebrity judge who asked the q), his angry response has caused a media firestorm. Miss CA said if she had to do it all over again, she would not change her answer; she believes marriage is between a man and woman. She said she had to be true to herself and her biblical beliefs. For a behind the scenes note, I had a fun moment in the make-up room with her before the cameras started rolling... as we were getting ready, she went to wash her hands in our sink, the water sprayed up and hit her in the face and got all over her jacket! We burst out laughing! - it was a much needed silly moment amidst this intense media scrutiny on her. As you can see in the interview, she looked flawless... the water did no damage! Go to for full interview.

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  1. in love with the layered sweater you are wearing! Where did it come from?